Wednesday, April 7, 2010

God the10th Dimension Being pt.1

Before I begin a discussion which is the amalgamation of over three years of thought on this subject I would like to introduce you to the concept that began my journey.


Ok. My brain is sore every time I watch those but the conceptualization is solid and the explanation in those videos is far better than I could ever do myself. I will not insult your intelligence to assume you don't already know what I have thought up to this point, its my title. But applying it theologically is where things get interesting.
Lets start with creation. A wonderfully nasty argument that everyone likes to get up in arms about. God as a tenth dimensional being would have no difficulty creating our world in seven days. In fact it would imply that he took is sweet time doing so if it were the case. However, as a being existing far beyond the plane of time it would really not matter nor could we understand the time needed for creation, to us it would most likely seemed to appear in an instant. Perhaps the seven days truly are figurative pinning down the actions of a being that exists 7 dimensions above our own using time seems almost infantile. That does not mean it could have never happened that way, to me, it indicates that this argument is kind of irrelevant to the simple fact that God exists in a manner so powerful and transcendent that creation most likely happened in an instant.
Just as we can create beautiful works of art using the materials we find in our dimension God fashioned our universe with what was available to him, Everything: Time, Space, Matter, Energy, and even the Laws of Nature were His pen and paper, chisel and stone for him to do with as he wished. He could have created the universe so that as it appears at any point in time, which would indicate he most likely created the universe to harbor life on earth given the Universal circumstance couldn't really be better. The appearance of age would have simply been a creative choice for him as he pulled all of the light from the stars billions of light years away to the earth and around the universe. Creating life out of the elements existing on our plane would be no more difficult than drawing a line on a page.
As the creator of this universe and all things that live in it he would obviously understand the best way for the beings to operate in it. Morality, defined by Christians by acting to the earth and others as God would act, is simply following the best laid plans for the universe.
Free will and complete sovereignty can also exist in this understanding of our universe. Mankind is free to make any choice because it is never outside of the eyes of God. In fact because he knows the beginning and end of our universe all probability and time are laid out before him like a giant tree. So perhaps like creation, the argument over Sovereignty and Free Will is simply misunderstood by all of us. They are not two points on a line they are coexisting constants in the universe that God has created.
There is much more to say about this concept but its a little too much to swallow in just one sitting so I'm going to break this entry up into a few parts. Come back in a few days for part 2!